13 Best Foosball Tables You Absolutely Need

There is something about a soccer table that just brings out the kid in any player. Whether you want to compete with one of your children, a friend or even your spouse, you can have fun playing similar to those found in real arcades. The best ones will feature little players that move and spin to defend your goal and kick a small ball across the playing field.

Though we looked at cheaper models and combo tables that let you play multiple games, the Tornado Tournament 3000 is the one that caught our eye and kept it. This features three goalies on each end that you can use to defend your own goal, a nice ball return system and curved handles. You can see other features of this model, find out how it stacks up against the competition and what to look for.

How to Choose The Perfect Foosball Table



The standard height is 36-inches, which is the height recommended by the International Table Soccer Federation. While this height is fine for adults, you may want to look for shorter models for your kids.

Leg Levelers

Even if you want to use that table in your rec room or game room, you should look to see if it comes with leg levelers. These levelers are small devices located on the bottom of each leg. You can adjust one or more legs to even out the surface when using it on uneven floors.


The length is just as important as the height, especially if you play with teams. Longer ones are 56-inches long or longer can accommodate two players or teams or two or more. Shorter models in the range of 30- to 40-inches long are more compact and will limit your movements but save on valuable space.


Models made from hardwood or steel are generally the best options. These ones may have a laminate veneer over the top. Cheaper models often use plywood and MDF that won’t last as long.

Rod Construction

While many manufacturers make these that come with rods made from stainless steel, some offer hollow rods while others offer solid rods. While solid rods may last longer, these rods are harder to move. Hollow rods are more lightweight and give you more freedom of movement.

Player Construction

The construction of the players on the playing field is important too. Though many companies make players out of plastic, you’ll want to check the bottom of those players. An angled bottom can strike the ball at a better angle and make the ball move faster.

Goalie Rod

The last rod that sits right in front of your goal is the goalie rod. This rod will have between one and three players on it. With three players, you can more effectively block your goal.

Counterbalanced Players

You should look for the one that comes with counterbalanced players. This means that each player will have a weight inside that keeps the player at a horizontal orientation until you turn the rod. Counterbalanced players help you shoot the ball further.

Surface Design

The surface design can range from a laminate piece placed on top to a sticker that the manufacturer adheres to the table. Stickers will often peel off over time and may start coming loose after just a few weeks. Laminate surfaces are more permanent and will last longer.


Weight is important for those with a limited amount of space. Some models can weigh as much as 400 pounds, which makes it difficult to move. If you need to move the equipment to make more room regularly, you’ll want one that weighs less.


We highly recommend standalone that let you play soccer and nothing else. You’ll also find coin-operated machines like those found in arcades, lightweight models that you use on top of a table and combo feature for multiple games inside.

Top Products on the Market

Tornado Tournament 3000

1. Tornado Tournament 3000

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 Even if you think that you can get by with a cheaper or one of those combo tables that also let you play air hockey and pool, the ultimate one for any home is this Tornado Tournament 3000, which will certainly become the highlight of your game room.

Its four adjustable legs are easy to adjust for use on uneven floors, and you can both raise and lower the height of each leg or the entire table itself.

You’ll love the comfortable handles too that allows you to play even the longest of games without feeling your hands cramping or any other type of discomfort.



Based on the same practice that professionals use, the Tornado Tournament 3000 has certification from the International Table Soccer Federation and meets all the standards the ITSF has in place for practice sessions.

This features a realistic top in a bright shade of green with white lines across the top to indicate striking and end zones. Each player gets to control four different groups of athletes on the field, but the handles attached to those plastic athletes have grips in place to keep the handles from sliding out of it.

You’ll control one handle or stick with five athletes in the very center of the game, another stick with just three players near your opponent’s side, two more back towards your goal and a final stick with three goalies on it.

Based on how quickly you can slide those athletes back and forth, you can catch the balls that come flying towards your goal.

Competition bearings used inside let you move your players faster to block more goals and to get into a good scoring position. This one has a split-cabinet design and uses real stainless steel with a laminate over the metal for added durability.

Tornado also added some bold graphics that include its own logo around the sides of the cabinet.

Tornado Worthington

2. Tornado Worthington

(View on Amazon.com)

Tornado appears a few times on our list of the top home game because the company has such a strong reputation among shoppers and home players, and the Worthington from the company just narrowly missed out on taking our top spot.

This has a more elegant and upscale look than some of the other brands on our list, and it fits with more traditional homes where bold graphics and bright colors would look out of place.

The wood laminate on the cabinet features both lighter and darker shades of wood, but the surface of the cabinet has the classic playing field look with shades of green and white.



Weighing 350 pounds, this product has a solid cabinet that won’t move once you find the perfect place for it in your home, and levelers on the base of each leg can compensate for uneven floor boards and keep the height level.

Each rod has a heavy-duty design that includes a carved wood handle on one end that let you play for hours without your hands cramping up, and the distance between each rod lets two or more players play together without getting in each others’ ways.

A ball return system drops the ball through a dedicated spot on the side to keep the action going.

Tornado designed this model to feature thinner walls on each side, which allow you to lean over to take the shot that you want, but the model itself is solid enough that it won’t lean or wobble because of that extra weight.

Each of the rods features between two and four players, and each player is in control of four of those rods. You’ll use those rods to keep the ball moving across and to make shots.

The included balls are just the right size for sliding through the goals and into the ball return system. To ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase, Tornado offers a one-year warranty on this model.


Tornado Elite

3. Tornado Elite

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Also from Tornado is the Elite, which has a more traditional look with black legs and a wood laminate over a metal cabinet, and this wood laminate looks exactly like real cherry wood.

As with other Tornado soccer, the legs on the Elite come with levelers that let you adjust the length of each to compensate for floors that are not quite level and to make the surface as even as possible for fair play.

Tornado opted for commercial levelers that are the same size and strength as those found on professional ones.



The eight heavy-duty steel rods that move the players back and forth across the board have plastic components on the end that keep the rods from sliding out of it, and one end of each rod has a natural wood handle with a curved design to fit the shape of the human hand.

Tornado sands down that wood to give it a smooth surface that won’t leave behind splinters in your hand when you squeeze the handles. The players on those rods have a patented design created by Tornado for long-term play, and the company also designed the bumpers that you can use to keep your opponent from scoring against you.

Tornado designed half the players to feature a bright yellow finish and half the players to use a darker black finish, which makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your own players as well as see the ball as it bounces across the equipment.

You have a scoring marker right on top of your goal that you can use to keep track of the points you score, and the opposite end has its own scoring marker system too.

Tornado also includes its patented ball retrieval system to help you easily find the ball after you or another player scores to grab the ball, toss it back and keep the game going.


Dynamo Big D

4. Dynamo Big D

Dynamo invites you to have an exciting time playing one on one action with friends on its Big D, which features a classic top that includes a bright green background that mimics the look of real turf and the same white lines and markings that you would find on a real field.

That playfield measures 0.75-inches thick and uses a laminate material with the Dynamo logo in the center that can withstand years of playing without the color fading or the graphics wearing off.

Though it uses metal to make the cabinet last longer, Dynamo added a wood laminate on the sides that looks like a darker color of wood.



One thing that sets Dynamo apart from other manufacturers is the colors that the company selects for its players. You can pick the red side or the blue side, and both those colors really pop against the green background.

This model also comes with a yellow ball that you can see clearly against both the surface and your players, and that bright color makes it easy to see when you or another player strikes the ball as well as keep track of where the ball goes.

This model comes with some other features that make playing easier like levelers on the legs that you can adjust in a few seconds to ensure the top remains flat and that no one player has an advantage over another.

Its ball retrieval system works with the goals on each end to prevent players from losing the ball, and the last heavy-duty rod in front of your goal features three players evenly spaced across the rod to help you better defend your goal.

The natural wood handles found on each rod have a smooth finish that won’t rub your skin and a curved design that fits in the palm of your hand.

Dynamo also added scoring markers on both end to help you and other players accurately keep track of the score.

(View Dynamo Big D on Amazon.com)


Gold Standard/Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe 55 in.

5. Gold Standard/Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe 55 in.

This Gold Standard/Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe 55 in. just might be the gold standard in terms of affordability because it utilizes some of the same features of the expensive Tornado and Dynamo but comes at a price that more players can afford.

Its combination of bright colors creates a striking look that helps you follow the ball without taking your hands off the rods, and those rods have attachments that keep the rods from slipping out of place and plastic handles on the opposite end that help you keep your grip without your hands slipping off.



Designed to look and feel like the professional competition that you see in arcades, the Foos II Deluxe comes with ABS players that have a counterbalanced design to keep the players at the perfect angle, and each player has an angled foot that helps you hit the ball with enough force to shoot it all the way across.

The laminate exterior has a sandstone shade that looks like natural wood, and this laminate protects the metal frame and cabinet inside and won’t peel off. This features thicker legs that add extra stability to keep it from wobbling, but each leg also has a hidden leveler in the bottom that you can adjust based on the surface.

With scoring markers on each end, you can more accurately keep track of the current score during heated plays and easily see how many more points you need to score to win the game, and both players can keep track of their own scores.

The included players attached to the heavy-duty rods come in shades of red and black that stand out against the bright green of the playing field to help you keep an eye on all your players as well as the ball. Shelti Pro also added a ball return system that catches the ball when it lands in one of the goals.

(View Gold Standard/Shelti Pro Foos II Deluxe 55 in. on Amazon.com)


Garlando G-500 Weather Proof

6. Garlando G-500 Weather Proof

This Garlando G-500 Weather Proof is one of the only brands that you can use both inside and out because it has a design that protects the cabinet and all other components from weather conditions like rain and snow.

That design also makes it perfect for playing inside and for letting kids use it because you won’t worry about them spilling drinks on the game and damaging it.

The 1.25-inch thick cabinet uses multiple layers of plywood that are marine quality with a waterproof plastic laminate over the top and waterproof glue that holds all those layers together.



All the metal components used, including the smallest of nuts and bolts, have an anti-rust treatment added to the top that protects the metal from rusting after exposure to water or moisture, and the metal legs have a powder varnish coating on the top that is resistant to scratches to keep the legs in good condition.

Those legs have their own built-in levelers to help you get the even surface that you need when playing on a deck, patio or even your lawn. Each steel rod has an anti-rust plating that prevents rust from damaging the steel and a waterproof coating too.

The rods have a telescoping design and roller bearings made from stainless steel that reduces pressure and discomfort in your hands.

This model also features waterproof plastic players in shades of blue and white too.

(View Garlando G-500 Weather Proof on Amazon.com)


Sport Squad Georgetown with Bronze Finish 56

7. Sport Squad Georgetown with Bronze Finish 56”

Though many brands come with a wood laminate cabinet that looks like real wood, this Georgetown with Bronze Finish 56” from Sports Squad has an even more dramatic look with fake gold accents on each corner and a deeper shade of laminate all around that looks like an expensive form of hardwood.

At 56-inches long, this model is just a tad shorter than the standard size, and it measures 34-inches high and comes with leg levelers that can extend the height when used on certain types of floors and surfaces.

Those leg levelers have a chrome finish that pairs nicely with the dark color, and the levelers have had a rounded design that highlights the thick square shape of the legs.



Sport Squad also used chrome in the rods to match those levelers, and those levelers have ergonomic handles that let you play longer games without your hands cramping up.

The material used on those handles is slip-resistant, which helps you play as your hands sweat. Those rods use chrome plating on top of stainless steel to help the rods move easily without sliding out.

As a professional, this one comes with three goalies on the rod closest to the goal, which helps you more easily block your opponent. It also comes with a sliding manual scorer on each end, two small balls and a ball return slot.

(View Sport Squad Georgetown with Bronze Finish 56” on Amazon.com)


Designer Home

8. Designer Home

Most brands have a similar design that includes straight lines and block legs, but this Designer Home has a more elegant look that will fit in any type of home, even those that lack a dedicated game room. This model actually looks similar to some of the antique pool that you might come across. It features a Queen Anne design that includes a rich and warm chestnut finish on the cabinet and curved legs that almost look like animal legs as well as scroll work on the legs.

Made entirely from hardwood, the cabinet has a heavy-duty design that holds up well to frequent play, and the solid wood legs are durable enough to support both the playing field and the cabinet. Instead of using score markers on the top, this model comes with score markers actually embedded inside the surface, which lets you lean over the side and keep an eye on your goal box without that marker getting in your way. As the opposite side has its own embedded score marker, your opponent can also keep track of the current score.

Another unique feature is that the manufacturer actually painted accents onto each of the players, including hair, faces and even detailing on their clothing. It measures just 30-inches long, it has a more compact design that helps you save on space. It also weighs just 130 pounds, which makes it one of the more lighter weight models that we spotted on our search.

We like that this model has a unique look that can give your game room a more upscale design, and we also like that it uses a combination of both hardwood and wood veneer to add some stability without adding any extra weight. As each set of players features a different uniform color and a different hair color, you can easily keep track of your own players without taking your eyes off the ball or your hands off the handles.

(View Designer Home on Amazon.com)


American Heritage Seville 58-in.

9. American Heritage Seville 58-in.

Many people who like playing on professional and arcade will want one that is a little longer like this American Heritage Seville, which measures 56-inches long to give you more room to move around. That longer length allows you to play against just one other person or to invite others to play on teams, and you can rest assured that no one playing will get in another player’s way. The Seville has a design that walks the line between being fairly traditional and being a little funky that includes thick and boxy legs as well as an open space under the surface to help you lean and move with ease.

Made from a special type of engineered wood, this model just might be more dependable than those made from cheaper forms of wood or even plywood, which makes it a good choice for homes with younger players because your kids can play for hours without damaging the game equipment. It stands just over 30-inches tall too, making it suitable for both taller and shorter soccer enthusiasts, and it comes with a wood veneer on the top and sides that hides the engineered wood inside. Though the legs are much thicker than the legs found on other brands, it still comes with levelers that you can use for leveling out the top to keep the ball from rolling to one side.

The Seville actually comes with two separate ball returns that allow the ball to roll out from one side based on which goal it entered, which makes it easier for the player who didn’t block the ball to make the next shot. Heavy-duty steel rods come with attachments designed to keep the rods inside, but the metal of those rods help each one slide around inside to keep you from missing a shot. This model also features ergonomic handles on each rod.

(View American Heritage Seville 58-in. on Amazon.com)


Viper Maverick Soccer Game

10. Viper Maverick Soccer Game

With thick legs that offer more support, this Viper Maverick Soccer Game is perfect for those who have a tendency to lean or put pressure on the sides while playing because those larger legs allow supporting more weight. It comes with counterbalanced players in both black and silver that remain horizontal when playing but also orient in different directions as you turn the attached knobs, and while some will like these colors, others may have a hard time seeing the players against the dark background’s surface. That play surface is 0.75-inches thick and uses a type of thermoplastic that is resistant to scratches from the individual players as well as the ball moving across that surface.

Apron goal boxes on each end have a back plate made from steel that produces a loud dinging sound when the ball strikes against to let everyone in the room know that you scored a point. You can keep track of your score or your opponent’s score via the abacus located on the end, and your opponent will get an abacus scorer or his or her own too. This model has two cup holders on each end that can hold standard size glasses and a ball return system that drops the ball from each goal into a dedicated holder.

The Maverick comes with hollow steel rods that are lightweight and can do a complete turn inside for making more elaborate kicks, and each rod has an octagonal hand grip made from vinyl that helps you keep a grip on the rod when your hands are wet. Designed for regular play, this features a durable cabinet with an oak veneer that won’t peel, and this finish matches or complements the furniture in your home.

(View Viper Maverick Soccer Game on Amazon.com)


Carrom 525.00 Signature

11. Carrom 525.00 Signature

The one-inch thick laminate veneer on this Carrom 535.00 Signature looks like burr oak and will stick to the sides as long as it lasts without peeling off.

This model has a durable design that features thick black legs that compliment that veneer and a bright top that serves as a playing field, and the legs have adjustable leg levelers for both changing the height and playing on it with floors that are crooked or uneven.

The surface measures 0.365-inches thick and has enamel graphics screen printed on top that mimics the look of a real soccer field.



Each leg also has a small metal bar that runs from leg to leg on each end, which not only adds to the stability but provides a place for you to rest your legs during longer games.

Made in the United States, this features precision bearings that allow the steel rods to spin more smoothly, and those rods are hollow inside to bring down the weight and to help you move multiple rods at the same time.

Carrom also used rounded/curved wood handles on those rods that have an unfinished design that won’t interfere with the design, and the shape allows these hands to fit more comfortably in your hands to keep spinning the rods as the game heats up.

Open areas on each corner serve as cup holders and allow you to keep a drink or a bottle of water nearby to stay hydrated as you play, though you’ll want to check the dimensions before putting a cup inside.

The features players in both black and yellow that have angled feet for striking the ball with more pressure. You also get a scoring system on each end that used wooden beads to keep track of points.

(View Carrom 525.00 Signature on Amazon.com)


Warrior Professional

12. Warrior Professional

The most affordable that will still stand up to regular play is this Warrior Professional, which sells for a lower price that fits more shoppers’ budgets.

Though you might think that this model won’t keep up with the demands of your busy home, it actually gets some high ratings and has a number of positive feedbacks online from past customers.

Even with its low price, it features counterbalanced players that have built-in weights to keep the players from tipping over, and that counterbalanced design forces the players to move in the exact direction as the rod does when you spin it.



Each rod has a built-in guard at one end that stops the rod from spinning out of control and keeps the rod from sliding out as players face distractions during games to prevent accidents.

This system also keeps the rods from slamming into younger players and others who get too close, and it adds a layer of safety to the table that lets kids play without their parents keeping a constant eye on their actions. Though these guards have a number of benefits, the guards will not get in the way of game play.

The Warrior Professional comes with a number of features that you expect too like an abacus scoring system that lets players on each end keep track of the current score and the number of points necessary to win the game and levelers on the legs that can compensate for uneven floorboards and other surfaces.

This model has its own dedicated hole that lets you drop the ball right in the center when starting a new game and a ball return system that drops the ball from the goal box to a slot on the side.

(View Warrior Professional on Amazon.com)


Carrom 435.00 Signature Stick Hockey with Legs

13. Carrom 435.00 Signature Stick Hockey with Legs

While a little more expensive than some of the other brands further down on our list, this Carrom 435.00 Signature Stick Hockey with Legs takes our bottom spot because it’s not your traditional soccer game.

This model essentially takes everything you love about table soccer and combines it with hockey to create a game that people of all ages will love playing. It features durable legs that support the weight with a metal bar between each set of legs for added stability as well as levelers on the base of each leg.

This fun comes with a large plastic bubble that sits on top and protects the players and the playing field from people who might lean over the table or small children who want to grab the players, and this bubble features a realistic scoreboard that looks just like those in real hockey rinks that shows the current score and the time remaining in each period.

This scoreboard uses standard batteries that you can keep on hand for games, and it produces the same lights and sounds you might see and hear during a real hockey game.

Each side has five metal rods that control the players on the ice, and as you push and pull on those rods, you can move your players into scoring positions and defend your own goal. The styrene surface has a special coating on top that keeps the surface as slick as real ice and keeps your players moving effortlessly across the top.

This model is great for those who have younger kids who might lose the balls or damage the players on other models because its plastic bubble dome is resistant to shattering and breaking.

(View Carrom 435.00 Signature Stick Hockey with Legs on Amazon.com)

Our Winner is…

Tornado Tournament 3000

Tornado Tournament 3000 (View on Amazon.com)

While the Tornado Tournament 3000 is one of the more expensive ones on the market, its features will remind you of that professional equipment that you played on in arcades.

The only real difference between this and those professional models is that this one does not require that you put in any real money to play. It features rounded handles that control each group of plastic players, and those handles will fit comfortably to ensure that you can play as long as you want.

A ball return system makes it easy to find the ball after you or opponent scores because the ball drops from either goal into a ball retrieval slot on the side of the table.

It also uses adjustable legs that allow you to even out the top when using it on an uneven floor. With scoring markers on each end, this model also helps you and your opponents keep track of the score.